Important Notices

Traditional Medicine Research Unit

NHRC Activities in Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine is one of the priority sectors of Nepal Health Research Council. A sub-committee with the involvement of University Professor, Botanist, Medicinal plants experts, and IPR expert has formed to design and conduct annual programs in Ayurveda as well as other systems of traditional medicine exiting in the country.

NHRC provides financial supports for research activities on Ayurveda and other traditional systems. Researches on quality of Ayurveda drugs (both classical and trademark) available in Nepali markets, sources of collection and quality management of herbs by pharmaceutical companies, situation of century old codified (prior arts) and non-codified resources, practices of traditional healers to cure common ailments etc were conducted by NHRC in past. Reports are available in the NHRC library.

Recently, we developed a training manual and conducted 10-days training on "Research Methodology on Ayurveda Science" for Ayurveda graduate. This training course will be continued in future g involving participants from other systems of traditional medicine. Following the responses from the participants, trainers and experts, we have developed training manual for advanced level training (at least 15-days course). We are developing Intellectual Property Rights guideline on Health Research and resources of traditional medicines.

Many countries have already digitalized valuable ancient resources, obtained IPR from national as well as global agencies and made them access online. Focusing on such global scenario, NHRC has initiated for developing Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL). It has bought images of some ancient texts from National Archive. Objective of this phase of digitalization is to demonstrate as an example of TKDL so that concerned sectors can contribute for larger project in near future.