Important Notices

Message from Member Secretary

Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC), as an apex body of Ministry of Health and Population aims to facilitate the health researches in Nepal. The NHRC, since its establishment, has been working in developing a research culture in health sector. In the present context, health sector in Nepal requires high quality researches that could significantly contribute to formulate policies, programmes and their effective implementation. Despites many constraints and challenges, the NHRC has been able to prioritise the health research needs and to strengthen health research systems in the country.
In addition, the NHRC is moving ahead to establish the state of the art knowledge management systems thereby to enhance good relationship with global research community and to learn from each other.  It stimulates to generate evidences and translate them into practice. As a monitoring body, the NHRC always promote good research practices in Nepal by setting and implementing the ethical standards and norms. It creates an enabling environment for health and population scientists to carry out various researches that provide evidences to policy makers and program managers.  It also generates the public opinion on health and development issues.

I believe, we will be able to strengthen the NHRC capacity to lead health research systems and make it a globally recognized research hub in the days to come.

Dr Khem B Karki
Member Secretary
Thank you.